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Puppy Contract
.SarJan’s Shih Tzu

Sarah Bebee
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Sales Contract

Name____________________________Date of Birth__________________________



  Purchaser Information





Purchase price: ______________________________, in accordance with terms below.
Terms of Payment: _____________________________________________________________

On this date, _________________ the above described dog has been sold as a pet to be spayed/neutered to the Purchaser. The Purchaser understands that limited American Kennel Club registration papers have been prepaid. Please submit registered name choice within seven days of purchase. If no name is submitted Seller will register dog with their choice of name.

Health Guarantee
Seller guarantees this dog to be in good health at the time of sale. A veterinary exam and health certificate will be provided to the Purchaser. The dog has been appropriately wormed and vaccinated for its age. The purchaser agrees to take the dog to a veterinarian within 48 hours (business days) of purchase for a health exam only. No vaccinations are to be given at this time. Should the dog be determined to be in ill health the cause of which is clearly attributable to the Seller the dog may, upon presentation of written diagnosis from the examining veterinarian be returned to the Seller. Umbilical (belly button) hernias are common in shih tzu and not considered a health problem. If the opening is small, with only a fat pad (no intestines) protruding it will likely close as the puppy matures. Pinched nostrils are caused by teething, many veterinarians unfamiliar with the breed are quick to recommend medication or surgery. No medication is necessary as long as the nasal bubbles are clear. It is advisable the dog be allowed to mature before making the decision if surgery is required. If either of these conditions are determined to need correction a good time to have it done is when the dog is spayed/neutered. We do not recommend altering until after nine months of age and must be done by twelve months of age. The price for these surgeries will not be paid by seller.  
Seller guarantees this dog for three years against hereditary defects that could result in death. We will replace the dog upon return of said animal with the first available puppy chosen by Seller. Seller is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the buyer. In the event of the death of the dog prior to three years from a suspected hereditary defect a full necropsy report including stomach contents must be provided from a University Veterinary Lab. No dog is to be euthanized during this time without the treating veterinarian consulting with the Seller or the Seller’s veterinarian unless the dog is in extreme distress. As proper nutrition is very important this guarantee is only valid as long as the buyer continues to feed a Seller recommended food. Your puppy has been weaned with Purina Pro Plan Sport All Life Stages Performance 30/20 Formula Dry Dog Food.  We also recommend Purina Pro Plan, Purina One, 4Health dog food or comparable ingredient food. Grain free or limited ingredient diets are not to be fed unless directed by a veterinarian.  
The Purchaser agrees to keep dog away from public places (veterinary office and groomer that requires vaccinations on all clients allowed) and animals other than their own pets for one week after purchase, or with a puppy until after the third and final puppy vaccination at sixteen weeks. Should the dog develop a major communicable disease (distemper, parvovirus) within ten days from the date of sale, the Seller must be notified immediately and will provide instructions for refund or replacement of dog provided written proof from a licensed veterinarian is presented.

Purchaser Agreement
Purchaser agrees to be responsible for the dog’s well-being, food, shelter, grooming, medical care, etc. Dates for spay/neuter and terms of sale are to be adhered to. If at any time the agreements of care and sale are not met the Seller has the right to repossess the dog. Neglect or abuse will be determined by an unbiased third party, such a veterinarian or a humane officer. In the event that repossession be necessary the Purchaser understands that none of the purchase price will be refunded and no action will be attempted against Seller.
If at any future date the Purchaser is unable or does not want to keep the dog the Purchaser will return the dog to Seller at no cost to Seller. An appropriate third party may be allowed to take the dog after notifying the Seller. Information of new home will be provided to Seller and the contents of this contract adhered to by the new home.
It is understood that return of the dog to Seller for any reason is to be done at the expense of the Purchaser. All AKC registration papers and veterinary records are to be signed and given to the Seller at the time of return.
We the undersigned have read and understand the above agreement. We agree to follow its provisions. We also acknowledge that any disputes or litigation from this contract will be settled in the County of Origin, Black Hawk County, Iowa.

Purchaser Signature_________________________________Date______________

Seller Signature_____________________________________Date______________